About us

The people at BostonHCP “get it”. Knowing our clients business allows us to identify the right candidates who will embrace challenges and thrive in your organization.

Our Own People are In-the-Know

Our deep knowledge of technology-based industries makes us savvy yet pragmatic partners who know the landscape, the key players and the trends. We leverage this knowledge within our practice and marry it with a proven process and extensive training in consultative sales strategies to recruit unified teams primed for success.

Led by Kate Morgan

Kate MorganFounder and CEO Kate Morgan is a highly revered business strategist and thought leader within the recruitment space, with over fifteen years of influence in the realm of talent acquisition strategy and execution. Her extensive background in Sales and Recruiting inspired her to revolutionize the recruitment industry by providing the embedded partner approach to solving complex team-building challenges, which is BostonHCP’s hallmark. Kate’s expertise and fluidity within business and technology has made her both a trusted advisor and invaluable ally to the executive teams within her startup and high-growth industry clientele.

What sets BostonHCP apart from the rest of the pack is that they do so much more than pair talent to open positions. They help their clients make successful career choices by really getting to know the people behind the resumes and weighing all of the factors that build the best business relationships. BostonHCP focuses on connecting people... and they do it extremely well.

Don Mitchell, Sr. Software Engineer, edX, Oct 2012-Present

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