Creating a Connected and Personal Office Space

Creating a Connected and Personal Office Space by Snowy Eischen and Debbie Green New England Home and Garden: Family Life Through the Seasons These days, the word connected usually refers to a virtual interaction facilitated by some sort of device. For this article, though, we’re talking about human connection and how to create an office […]

How Job Descriptions Are Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts

Why you’re writing bad job descriptions My clients will tell me they are working on a job description when they are ready to kick-off a search for a new hire. It’s a waste of time, as not only do I not use the job description, I probably won’t even read it. Granted, I have years […]

ADHD: An Entrepreneur’s Super Power and Kryptonite

“It was 5 days into my medication, and I thought, ‘Wow, so this is how normal people feel.’” A woman who worked for me shared that reaction; she was diagnosed with ADHD in her early 20s. Mildly interested, I asked, “Really? So what were some of your symptoms?”  I suspected ADHD was some sort of bullshit diagnosis […]

Did Salesforce’s Acquisition of Demandware Fuel Boston’s Tech Economy?

During the spring and summer months, hiring decelerated in the high-tech, startup arena. As a talent acquisition professional, my book of business often reflects an “economic barometer” of sorts; typically, the earliest signs of a slowing market hit hiring plans first. I’m not referring to full-blown hiring freezes, just a gradual downward shift or “hold […]

Can Science Be Used To Hire Kick-Ass Teams?

There is nothing more disastrous than a bad hire. Time lost, money spent, disenchantment of the team–it’s a disheartening ordeal. The only thing worse than hiring a bad team member is hiring a less than perfect executive to join your team. Recruiting and interviewing is much like dating. You meet someone and you might become […]

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