Executive Search

Executive Search Methodology

Traditional retained Executive Search is broken. In a retained search, the client must pay tens of thousands of dollars regardless of the outcome. The specifics of the role may change, or perhaps a candidate within the client’s network surfaces. Still, the client is responsible for the amount negotiated.

Our approach to the Executive Search puts the control in the hands of our clients. Similarly to our End-to-End service, we provide our Executive Search in an hourly rate capacity.

BostonHCP applies the same principles when recruiting executives as with all of our roles; we know that people take companies, not jobs. Taking the time to understand what the client needs from the incumbent over the next twelve to eighteen months is the basis for how we structure our conversations with potential candidates. We can quickly ascertain if we have the right person to move your organization forward not by ticking boxes off or matching a job description. We also don’t force candidates that aren’t a match, or coach them on how to successfully interview. We want the person to be the right fit not just today, but long term.