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Tech Lead

  • Location: Burlington, MA, United States
  • Salary:
  • Posted: Dec 31

Tech Lead


Position Overview
In this position you will work on leading implementations of the Arcadia Analytics product for our customers. You will own all technical aspects and outcomes of Arcadia software suite implementations including data acquisition and integration; data quality, testing and validation; coordination of the complicated technical sequence of work and events across Arcadia teams such as Engineering, Account Management, Production Support, Dev-Ops; user acceptance and go-live. You will also lead conversations with customers, explain complex technical and healthcare topics to both engineers and non-technical teams, guide junior team members, and dig in and solve complex technical and data related issues for getting real world value out of data. You will lead efforts in planning, developing, testing and interacting with customers in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment. You will work closely with Arcadia project teams to ensure that all customer deliverables accurately reflect the clinical and claims data entered at the point of care. The technical complexity of Arcadia Analytics implementations is driven by the clinical complexity of modern medicine and the financial complexity of our healthcare economy, and the role of the Arcadia Analytics Implementation team that you will lead, as Tech Lead, in successfully delivering these complex software implementations requires the at least a Bachelor’s degree in the required fields.  
Position Responsibilities
Acquisition of standard and custom data sets; source system data evaluation and analysis. (10%)
  • Create connector code and algorithms to execute data acquisition, data transformation and data integration using: querying languages like SQL; knowledge of SFTP; PGP encryption; ETL technologies like Informatica, SSIS; Scripting languages like PowerShell, Python; Big Data technologies like Apache Groovy, Apache Spark, Scala, AWS stack, Apache NiFi, Zookeeper
  • Create data transformation code to translate source data into standard and custom schemas.
  • Create ad-hoc code using querying languages like SQL to profile and mine source system data in order to gain insights
  • Analyze source system data and generate custom reports using querying languages like SQL and scripting languages like Python
Review business and functional requirements and give feedback on gaps identified. (15%)
  • Translate customer business processes and requirements, and functional specifications and requirements into technical specifications for the Arcadia software suite.
  • Map technical specifications to elements present in the Arcadia Analytics data warehouse
  • Design technical solution for implementation, while identifying risks along with strategies for mitigation
  • Provide implementation estimates based on requirements, specifications, risks and design
Oversee data transformation and aggregation validation and process monitoring. (20%)
  • Guide and mentor implementation engineering resources, including setting priorities and tasks for other team members and reviewing and providing feedback, and serving as the primary escalation point
  • Perform reviews of team member code to ensure that all data transformations are developed following best practices, and quality-score-aggregates prepared for data validation are appropriately benchmarked and reported
  • Commit connector code with data transformations to version control on Git and Nexus and deploy across environments, with connector execution trends visualized using the Elastic stack
  • Trace and identify the root cause of an issue, starting from the front-end though the many stages of data transformations to precisely identify the cause of the issue. Remediate issues through code and create client specific software releases, and plan the deployments and validation of those releases
  • Monitor and manage implementation process using Agile methodologies like SCRUM and Kanban as appropriate for setting prioritizations with customers, and for team planning activities including leading backlog reviews, sprint planning, and sprint reviews and retrospectives
Validate data quality extracted from complex source systems. (25%)
  • Lead data testing and validation processes, including creating and executing completeness, validity and referential integrity validation test cases using SQL to establish structural data integrity and row-level fitness-for-use
  • Use Elastic stack and Kibana in tandem to build dashboards and visualizations of data that are acquired, ingested and integrated to view data quality at various stages of end-to-end processing
  • Build patient population profiles to test snapshots of data quality at the population or healthcare practice level
  • Build reports, tables, and charts showing data quality over time and data quality against benchmarks
Ensure system integration validation; patient matching, and user interface validation. (10%)
  • Build patient chart profiles from Arcadia Analytics warehouse and test against source system to ensure end-to-end data integration validation at a highly granular level
  • Identify data discrepancies by evaluating improbable population trends and patient health profiles
  • Ensure that structural components for patient matching in the Master Patient Index are populated, and custom patient matching specifications correctly match patients and members across clinical and claims data, using Arcadia’s proprietary matching logic in addition to an understanding of standard matching algorithms like double-metaphone
  • Develop automated user interface validation using Python
Develop a detailed understanding of business processes across the Arcadia product suite. (5%)
  • Develop and possess expert knowledge of Arcadia’s proprietary suite of software, both in the back-end and front-end, and develop best practices for implementation of Arcadia’s software suite
  • Explain the impact of customer business processes upon the front-end of Arcadia Analytics to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Interact with customers and explain technical concepts and product functionality
  • Analyze the impact of advanced clinical concepts - including ICD10, SNOMED, CPT, NDC, Medispan, etc. - and advanced claims concepts - including PMPM, DRG, POS, etc. - upon various modules of Arcadia Analytics by creating and maintaining terminology mapping documents
Conduct user acceptance testing; create supporting materials, support customer testers, issue ownership. (10%)
  • Configure the user interface of Arcadia Analytics application per specified business and technical requirements, including any white-labeling requirements
  • Create and validate release notes and user manuals, and review with internal and customer stakeholders
  • Hold training sessions with customer super-users in order to familiarize them with the Arcadia Analytics product
  • Hold user acceptance testing meeting with customer super-users and act as coach and escalation point for all issues identified during user acceptance testing.
Provide Go-live support for issue analysis, reporting and tracking, and knowledge transition. (5%)
  • Manage issue boards on JIRA and issue lists using Excel tables and pivots for reporting and tracking with internal and external stakeholders
  • Setup regular touchpoints with customer teams to track progress against issues that were reported and have since been worked on, and prioritize the issue list
  • Ability to create clear, well defined, step-by-step documentation for others across the company to follow and achieve consistent high-quality results
Position Requirements
  • Bachelors Degree required in Computer Science, Management Information Systems or related field (or its equivalent)
Westlake Tower, 1601 5th Avenue, 11th Floor
Seattle, WA 98101

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