BostonHCP’s talent acquisition model

We spend time with our clients. We listen, observe and ask questions because we know a successful engagement starts with BostonHCP understanding their business and culture. We have longstanding relationships across all levels and technology sectors from Boston to San Francisco. We know the rock stars, but we also take the time to cultivate relationships with emerging talent. That’s just one of the reasons VC’s like Matrix Partners and Polaris Ventures introduce BostonHCP to their portfolio companies.

End to End Recruiting

GettyImages_154947990As your hiring partner, BostonHCP provides end-to-end support; from defining position requirements, direct sourcing, candidate management, to defining your employer brand. We have accelerated the growth of some of the most revered startups.

Our years of experience enable us to offer expert counsel on market conditions, salary standards and employee retention trends. Recognizing the need to approach hiring strategically, BostonHCP provides executive search, and talent management services.

Full Spectrum Services

  • Defining Job Requirements: This task is rooted in our deep understanding of clients’ business, needs and culture; well-considered requirements include not only a job for today, but a fit for tomorrow.
  • Prospecting: Our expertise ensures you get highly targeted outreach to potential best-fit candidates based on business alignment, not buzzwords or titles.
  • Evaluating and Matching Candidates: We pride ourselves on a novel approach to candidate profiling and matching to client needs using our kit of effective evaluation techniques and tools.
  • Managing the Process: We use a collaborative process for interviewing, bringing clients and best-fit talent together towards hiring. We go the full nine yards with you, providing advisement and execution during the final negotiation process.
  • Managing Ongoing Relationships: We ensure smooth transition as your company takes the recruitment process on internally, offering multiple touch points with your Hiring Manager and the new talent.

Matthew Brogie, COO, Repsly, Inc.

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