Executive Search

Revolutionizing the Landscape of Executive Search: Your Path to Swift, Tailored Success.


The retained executive search model is broken. The average executive search takes 4 months, sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the search. In retained search, firms view anything that takes longer than 3 months as losing money, even though the search may cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is why retained search firms tend to specialize in various industries. The most concerning point though is that once you sign an agreement, you are obligated to work with them, even though we hear countless stories that companies see a drastic drop off in candidate flow past 4 months.  

At BostonHCP, we still operate under the hourly consulting model. We also don’t require a minimum amount of money for an engagement. In fact, we are so committed to the success of our clients, we offer the right to break the engagement at any time if you are not happy. We are proud to boast that we have yet to have a client disengage with us due to being unsatisfied.