Recruiting training

We train teach acquisition professionals novel approaches to finding and engaging the best candidates

how we train

Effective recruiting is essential for ensuring that a company has the right talent to achieve its goals and remain competitive in the market. As critical as it is, there are not a lot of options for training talent acquisition professionals. 

BostonHCP provides training that is designed to help internal recruiters develop great sourcing strategies and consultative techniques to ensure their companies’ success in winning the best candidates over. Our recruiting training program is designed to improve your talent acquisition team’s skills by teaching them novel approaches to finding and engaging with the best candidates.

BostonHCP is based on an “insourced” approach. Unlike other recruiting firms, we don’t operate on commission and try to fill seats. Instead, we act as embedded resources, billing hourly, and serving as extended members of your core team. This makes us different from typical recruitment firms as well – our motivation leads to creating long-term relationships with our clients.

prospecting & sourcing

Engaging prospective candidates through email can be challenging without having the foundational skills. Learning how to develop target messaging allows you to start to build a rapport even before getting on the phone and will help to catapult you to the front of overcrowded email boxes.

Consultative approach

A critical aspect of the consultative recruiting approach is acting as a knowledgeable advisor to the candidate. Developing a holistic view of the market and being able to share insights, industry trends, and relevant information help the candidate make an informed decision that keeps them as employees longer.

Effective Interviewing Techniques And Negotiation Tactics

Recruiters are the frontline of their organizations in conducting initial interviews before candidates meet with hiring managers. Training in effective interviewing techniques helps recruiters ask relevant questions, evaluate responses, and assess a candidate’s suitability for the position. Understanding negotiation tactics that provide a win-win for both parties is a skill. In hiring, it also can be wrought with issues that could run into legal troubles if a recruiter is not careful in keeping things fair and equitable.